There are two types of membership of the RMPA.

Full Membership is for all raw milk producers and soon-to-be raw milk producers selling raw drinking milk direct to consumers. Annual membership is £125. Members are also shareholders (£1 shares) of the co-operative.

Associate Membership of the RMPA is open to anyone with an active role in an associated field, business or organisation that is related to the production of raw drinking milk.  Associate Members have access to all the same benefits of membership as a Full Member, and pay the same membership fee. However, an Associate Membership is a non-shareholding, non-voting subscription.

Businesses providing goods or services to our members may join as an Associate Member, and will be classified as Trade Members. Associate Members have access to the benefits of membership, however, they will not have access to the members’ forum. These businesses will be promoted to our members through our RMPA Affiliate Programme.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Get access to the latest training & guidance information to enable you to bring your business in line with the new FSA controls that came into effect in 2019: see FSA consultation here
  • View the recordings of raw milk workshops with world-leading experts in raw milk Dr Anna Catharina Berge DVM, MSc, MPVM, PhD & Prof Dr Ton Baars, and including a presentation and Q&A session with Charles Boundy, lead FSA DHI on the new Food Safety Management System (HACCP-based) and what his team will be looking for when they inspect your farm.
  • In the private members’ area of the website, members can find resources and information on the safe production of raw milk and to guide compliance with the new FSA controls. Including crib sheets on micro-biological testing, lists of laboratories and prices for milk testing, details of our recommended Food Safety Management System, research on the health benefits of raw milk and much more.
  • A quarterly newsletter featuring production tips, producer profiles, risk information, latest affiliate discounts list & additional guidance information. Click here to see a recent edition.
  • Our members combined have over 600 years experience in producing and selling raw drinking milk. You can access that knowledge as a member via our thriving online forum with peer-to-peer help & advice, production tips, latest affiliate programme discounts and general news and discussion on raw drinking milk production, sales & controls.
  • Attend farm tours to see your fellow dairy farmers production & sales methods
  • Get access to discounts on dairy equipment, bottles and consumables through the RMPA Affiliate Programme
  • Have your farm listed on the RMPA Where to Buy map with a link direct to your website or social media page, so consumers can find raw milk from farms that have access to information for producing raw milk to the highest standard
  • Full Members may also use the special ‘RMPA member logo‘ on printed and electronic media.
  • The RMPA is a not-for-profit co-operative society, owned by and for its members, all of whom will have the opportunity to contribute to its development, the work of the committee is all completely voluntary
  • Together our collective voice has more strength in working constructively with the FSA to bring about proportionate & supportive controls that safeguard the future sale of raw drinking milk