About Us

Raw Milk Producers Association Limited (RMPA) is a co-operative society, meaning that it is owned and run by its Members.  Upon joining, Members buy a £1 share in the co-operative, as well as paying an annual subscription.  These shares are non-withdrawable and non-transferable. Each Member may only hold one share and have one vote.

A member can join as an individual or as an organisation.  If joining as an organisation you must choose a representative as the contact on the application form, who will also represent the organisation in any voting.  However, other employees/partners in the organisation may participate in the forum and attend any events, but will not be able to vote.

RMPA is governed by a committee of volunteer Members, however, being a co-operative relies on participation from all of its Members.  You can contribute to RMPA for the benefit of raw milk producers by:

  1. Actively participating in the forum.  Put forward your ideas, ask questions and offer your experience to other producers. Help us develop this into a thriving and supportive network for raw milk producers.
  2. Attend our Annual General Meeting.  Learn about what RMPA is doing and vote in the Committee and have your say on strategic decisions.
  3. Read the newsletter, and get in touch if you would like to be profiled or write an article for it.
  4. RMPA aims to be transparent and give a voice to its Members.  The Committee will keep Members updated about what it is working on through the forum, newsletter and AGM, and invites you to give feedback and put forward agenda items.
  5. If you have expertise or resources that would help with a project, volunteer it!
  6. Uphold high standards of production and positive interaction with consumers, regulators and the media so together we can build confidence in raw milk.

Our Objects are to:

(a) Facilitate communication and collaboration between raw milk producers
(b) Promote best practice in raw milk production and consumer safety
(c) Disseminate up-to-date advice and guidance relating to raw milk production and associated legislation and technical information
(d) Promote the interests of raw milk producers in working with regulators and other external bodies
(e) Undertake any other activities with the aim of supporting raw milk producers and consumers, including guiding new producers through the registration process and establishing good practice